State of the State Communications

State of the State Communications is a non-profit corporation

in the state of Rhode Island. Its general purpose is to educate and

to promote, in a non-partisan manner, the civic awareness of the

general public; to promote greater civic participation and

the exercise of political citizenship through the production and

broadcast of its television show - "State of the State" - which 

has been continuously produced and broadcast on public

access television since 1991.

Contact Us

State of the State Communications
640 Weaver Hill Road
West Greenwich, RI 02817
Phone: 401-392-1926


Do you have program ideas or suggestions of guests to interview? If so, let us know. Share your thoughts with us. Identify the topic and tell us why it is of interest to you and perhaps to other Rhode Islanders. Do you have a good guest in mind. Let us know. Provide contact information for that person, if you have it.

Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas.

And please be patient, as it may take us some time to incorporate your ideas into our programs due to preexisting scheduling plans.