State of the State Communications

State of the State Communications is a non-profit corporation

in the state of Rhode Island. Its general purpose is to educate and

to promote, in a non-partisan manner, the civic awareness of the

general public; to promote greater civic participation and

the exercise of political citizenship through the production and

broadcast of its television show - "State of the State" - which 

has been continuously produced and broadcast on public

access television since 1991.

About Us

State of the State  is a public affairs and political talk show, in a studio setting, produced by and hosted by John Carlevale and other hosts. The show airs in Rhode Island on Public Access Television channels. Archived shows can be viewed online at

The subject matter varies greatly, but the topics are primarily related to Rhode Island's political scene and matters of interest to Rhode Islanders.

The show employs two formats. The primary format is interview-style produced in the studio with a host and one or more guests. Guests are either public officials or private citizens speaking about timely topics of public interest. The second format is to present events of public interest which occur outside of the studio, such as public hearings, public meetings, educational forums, etc. or to spotlight prominent and influencial Rhode Islanders.

The show was created by John Carlevale, Joe Devine, Don Gill, and Robert Plante circa 1991/1992 in the wake of the credit union crisis (when 45 banks and credit unions in the state closed due to the collapse of their private insurer, the Rhode Island Share and Deposit Indemnity Corporation
(RISDIC)). From 2001 to 2012
Operation Clean Government, a Rhode Island government watchdog group, sponsored the show. In 2012 State of the State Communications, the original sponsor of the television show, was reincorporated and resumed sponsorship.

State of the State is taped at a PEG-RI (the Public, Educational, and Government Access (PEG) cable TV channel provider) studio in Providence,
Rhode Island
on  bi-weekly basis. Shows are recorded in real time (live-to-tape format) which means that the television show is recorded as if it were on live television, with no or very little video editing of the content in the show. Following production and post-production, the show is sent to the statewide playback location at PEG RI-TV and distributed to the cable television providers in Rhode Island for broadcast.

*2009 PEG-RI Award, State of the State received a Special Recognition Award for an episode hosted by Ian Lonngren and produced by John Carlevale - an interview of freshman Rhode Island legislators.


*2011 PEG Award, State of the State received a Rhode Island PEG Award for Best Public Service Announcement.

*2011 PEG Award Finalist: Best Series, "Candidate Debate Series"
*2011 PEG Award Finalist: Best Political/Community Issues Program, "Bristol County Water Authority"


*2012 PEG Award, State of the State received a Special Recognition Award for Best Political/Community Issues Program for its production of “RI Primary Elections Results.”


*2012 PEG Award Finalist: Best Series, "Municipal Pension Systems"

*2012 PEG Award Finalist: Health/fitness/Self-Help Programs, "Lupus Education & Awareness"



Thank you note to members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives

Speaker Nicholas Matiello,

Majority Leader K. Joseph Shekarchi,

Minority Leader Patricia Morgan,

Members of the RI House of Representatives,

Thank you very much! Your citation of August 28, 2017 extending your congratulations to State of the State Communications in recognition of 26 years of production and broadcast of the State of the State public access television show is greatly appreciated.

Your recognition acknowledges the State of the State production team members’ work and confirms their commitment to our shared mission. As you know, a leader’s success is often dependent upon the skill and commitment of the leadership team members. So I thank you on behalf of them as well. I am very fortunate to have a very competent and devoted volunteer production team. Your recognition assures them that their work has merit and is appreciated by others as well.

You and other current and former members of the general assembly have been guests on State of the State. Some have been guest host; some have been members of the production team at various times. Each and all of you have added to the diversity of thought, which characterizes the Rhode Island body politic. I am grateful for your and their willingness to share information and political perspectives on so many different matters of public interest. Such participation has contributed greatly to the public discourse and the education of Rhode Islanders. I thank you for this valued contribution.

Please be assured that you and your colleagues are always welcome to join us in our public service effort to add to the diversity of thought that is so essential to a representative form of government.

Appreciatively yours,

John Carlevale, Executive Director, State of the State

2012 PEG Award - Best Political/Community Issues Program - Special Recognition